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Day 1

1. Hello ? Waah Gwaan

Popular Phrases Translated to Patwa Part 10

When do we arrive? – Wen wih ago reach?

When do we leave? – wen wih ago leff?

When do you arrive in the USA? – wen yuh com a dih usa?

When do you get off work? – wen yuh ago leff wuk?

When do you start work? – wen yuh ago staat wuk?

When does he arrive? – wen ihm ago reach?

When does it arrive? – wen it ago reach?

When does the bank open? – wen di bank ago op’en

When does the bus leave? – wen di buss aggo leff?

When does the plane arrive? – wen di plane aggo reach?

When I went to the store, they didn’t have any apples      – wen mi gaaw di store dem neva hav nuh apple

When is the next bus to Philadelphia? – wen addi nex buss fi go a philidalphia

When is your birthday? – wen ayu birtday

When was the last time you talked to your mother? – wen addi las time yuh talk wid yu madda?

When will he be back? – wen him aggo com bak?

When will it be ready? – wen itta go bih ready?

When would you like to meet? – wen yuh wa’h fi meet up?

Where are the t-shirts? – weh dih t-shirt dem deh?

Where are you from? – weh yuh come fram?

Where are you going to go? – weh yuh ago go?

Where are you going? – weh yuh a go?

Where are you? – weh yuh deh?

Where can I buy tickets? – weh mi can buy tiket?

Where can I exchange US dollars? – which paat mi can get us dolla?

Where can I find a hospital? – wich paat mi cyaan fine di haspital?

Where can I mail this? – weh mi cyaa mail dis?

Where can I rent a car? – weh mi cya rent waah cyar?

Where did it happen? – which paat ih happ’en?

Where did you go? – weh yuh did go?

Where did you learn English? – which paat yuh learn english?

Where did you learn it? – wich paat yuh learn dat?

Where did you put it? – weh yuh put ih?

Where did you work before you worked here? – weh yuh wuk before yuh wuk yasso?

Where do you live? – weh yuh did live?

Where do you want to go? – weh yuh wa’an fi go?

Where do you work? – weh yuh wuk?

Where does it hurt? – which paat a hat yuh?

Where does your wife work? – weh yuh wife wuk?

Where is an ATM? – wich paat wa’ah atm deh?

Where is he from? – weh him com fram

Where is he? – weh him deh?

Where is it? – weh it deh?

Where is Main Street? – which paat main street deh?

Where is my shirt? – weh mi shirt deh?

Where is she from? – weh she com fram?

Where is the airport? – weh dih airport deh?

Where is the bathroom? – which paat di baatroom deh?

Where is the bus station? – weh di buss station deh?

Where is there a doctor who speaks English? – which paat waa’h dacta deh weh talk english

Where is there an ATM? – weh waah atm deh?

Where were you? – weh yuh deh?

Where would you like to go? – weh yuh waa’n go?

Where would you like to meet? – weh yuh waa’n fi meet up?

Where’s the closest restaurant? – weh di neares restarant deh?

Where’s the mail box? – weh di mail bax deh?

Where’s the nearest hospital? – weh di nearess haspital deh?

Where’s the pharmacy? – weh di farmacy deh?

Where’s the post office? – deh pos affice deh?

Which is better, the spaghetti or chicken salad? – which one betta, chicken salad arr spaghetti?

Which is better? – which betta?

Which is the best? – wich one a di bess?

Which one do you want? – wich one yuh want?

Which one is better? – wich one betta?

Which one is cheaper? – wich one cheepa?

Which one is the best? – wich one a di bess?

Which one? – wich one?

Which road should I take? – wich road mi fi tek?

Which school does he go to? – wich skool him go?

Who are they? – who dem bih?

Who are you looking for? – who yuh a look fa?

Who are you? – a whoo yuh bih?

Who is it? – a whoo dis?

Who is that? – a whoo dat?

Who sent this letter? – whoo sen disya letta?

Who taught you that? – a who teeh yuh dat?

Who taught you? – a who teech yuh

Who was that? – a who dat?

Who was your teacher? – who yuh teecha did bih?

Who won? – a whoo win?

Who would you like to speak to? – a who yuh wa’n fi talk to?

Who’s calling? – a who a call?

Who’s that man over there? – a who dah man deh ova desso?

Whose book is that? – a whoofa book dat bih?

Why are you laughing? – wamek yuh a laugh?

Why aren’t you going? – wamek yuh naah go?

Why did you do that? – wamek yuh do dat?

Why did you say that? – wamek yuh seh dat?

Why not? – wamek?

Will you call me a taxi please? – yuh cya call waa taxi fi mi?

Will you hand me a towel please? – yuh cya gimme di towel?

Will you pass me the salt please? – yuh cya gimme di salt?

Will you put this in the car for me? – yuh cya put dis inna di cyar fi mi?

Will you remind me? – yuh wih remine mi?

Will you take me home? – yuh cya tek mi home?

Would you ask him to call me back please? – yuh cya ask him fi call mi bak?

Would you ask him to come here? – yuh cya ask him fi com yah?

Would you like a glass of water? – yuh want a glass a wata?

Would you like coffee or tea? – yuh want kaffi ar tea?

Would you like some water? – yuh waa’ suh wata?

Would you like some wine? – yuh waa’ sum wine?

Would you like something to drink? – yuh waa’ sumting fi jink?

Would you like something to eat? – yuh waa’ sumting fi it?

Would you like to buy this? – yuh waa’ fi buy dis?

Would you like to go for a walk? – yuh waa’ fi guh pon a walk?

Would you like to have dinner with me? – yuh waa’ fi it dinna wid mih?

Would you like to rent a movie? – yuh waa’ fi rent waa’ movie?

Would you like to watch TV? – yuh waa’ fi wach tv?

Would you like water or milk? – yuh waa’ wata ar milk?

Would you take a message please? – yuh waa’ tek waah message?

Yes      – yeh

You have a very nice car      – yuh av waa’ nice cyar

You look like my sister      – yuh look like mi sista

You look tired      – yuh look tiyad

You speak English very well      – yuh chat english good

Your children are very well behaved      – yuh pickney dem behave good

Your daughter      – yuh daughta

Your house is very nice      – yuh house nice

Your things are all here      – evyting deh ya

You’re beautiful      – yuh look good

You’re right      – yuh right

You’re smarter than him      – yuh smaata dan him

You’re very nice      – yuh nice

You’re very smart      – yuh supa smaat

You’re welcome      – nuh watch nuh face

Popular Phrases Translated to Patwa Part 9

Turn left      – tun leff

Turn right      – tun right

Very good, thanks      – good, respek

Waitress! – waytriss

We can eat Italian or Chinese food      – wih can nyam italian ar chiny food

We have two boys and one girl      – wih hav two byo an wah gyal

We like it very much      – wih like ih

We’ll have two glasses of water please      – wih cya hav two glass a wata

We’re from California      – wih com fram california

We’re late      – wih late

Were there any problems? – yu hav num problem?

Were you at the library last night? – yuh did deh a libry laas night?

What are you doing? – weh yuh a do?

What are you going to do tonight? – weh yuh ago do tinight?

What are you going to have? – weh yuh ago hav?

What are you thinking about? – weh yuh a tink bout?

What are you two talking about? – weh unnu a talk bout?

What are your hobbies? – weh yuh like fi do?

What can I do for you? – wah mi cyan do fi yuh

What color is that car? – wah cola dah cyar deh bih?

What day are they coming over? – wah dyah yuh a com ova?

What day of the week is it? – wah dya inna di week tiday bih?

What did you do last night? – weh yuh do lass night?

What did you do yesterday? – weh yuh do yessiday?

What did you think? – weh yuh tink?

What do people usually do in the summer in Los Angeles? – weh peeple do inna dih summa inna los angeles?

What do they study? – a wah dem study?

What do you do for work? – a wah yuh do fi wuk?

What do you have? – a wah yuh hav?

What do you recommend? – a wah yuh recommen?

What do you study? – a wah yuh study

What do you think of these shoes? – wah yuh tink bout dem shoes yah?

What do you think? – a wah yuh tink?

What do you want to buy? – a wah yuh want fi buy?

What do you want to do? – a wah yuh wa’ do?

What do your parents do for work? – a wah yuh parent dem do fi wuk?

What does he do for work? – a wah him do fi wuk?

What does this mean? – a wah dis mean?

What does this say? – a wah dis seh?

What does this word mean? – a wah da word ya mean?

What does your father do for work? – a wah yuh fada do fi wuk?

What happened? – a wha happ’n

What is it? – wah dis bih?

What is that? – a wah dat bih?

What is the area code? – wah di area code bih?

What is today’s date? – a wah tiday date bih?

What kind of music do you like? – wah kine a music yuh like?

What school did you go to? – a which skool yuh guh?

What should I wear? – a wah mi fi wear?

What size? – wha size?

What time are they arriving? – a wah time dem a com?

What time are you going to the bus station? – a wah time yuh a go a di bus station?

What time did you get up? – a wha time yuh git up?

What time did you go to sleep? – a wha time yuh sleep?

What time did you wake up? – a wha time yuh wake up?

What time do you go to work everyday? – a wha time yuh go a wuk everyday?

What time do you think you’ll arrive? – a what time yuh tink yuh ago reach?

What time does it start? – a wha time ih staat

What time does the movie start? – a wha time di movie staat?

What time does the store open? – a wha time di store up’en

What time is check out? – a wha time a check out

What time is it? – a wha time ih bih

What will the weather be like tomorrow? – a wah di wedda ago bih tumarow

What would you like to drink? – a wah yuh waa’ fi jink

What would you like to eat? – a wah yuh waa’ fi it

What’s in it? – wah inna it?

What’s the address? – wah di address?

What’s the charge per night? (Hotel) – hummuch fi it per night?

What’s the date? – a wah di date bih?

What’s the exchange rate for dollars? – wah di exchange rate bih?

What’s the exchange rate? – wah di exchange rate bih

What’s the matter? – weh u deh pon?

What’s the name of the company you work for? – a weh di name addi compiny yuh wuk fa?

What’s the phone number? – wah di phone numba?

What’s the room rate? – hummuch fi di room?

What’s the temperature? – a wah di tempicha bih?

What’s this? – a wah dis bih?

What’s today’s date? – a wah tidday date bih?

What’s up? – a wah yuh deh pan? / Waah gwaan?

What’s wrong? – yuh kriss?

What’s your address? – weh yuh live?

What’s your email address? – a wah yuh email bih?

What’s your favorite food? – a wah yuh like fi it?

What’s your favorite movie? – a wah kina move yuh like?

What’s your last name? – a wah yuh lass name bih?

What’s your name? – a wah yuh name?

What’s your religion? – a wah yuh religion?

When are they coming? – wen dem a com?

When are you coming back? – wen yuh a com bak?

When are you going to pick up your friend? – wen yuh a go pick up yuh fren?

When are you leaving? – wen yuh a leff?

When are you moving? – wen yuh a move?

When did this happen? – a wen dis happ’en

When did you arrive in Boston? – wen yuh reach boston?

Popular Phrases Translated to Patwa Part 8

Sorry, I don’t have a pencil      – Sarry mi have w’ah pencil

Sorry, I think I have the wrong number      – sarry, mi tink a dih rang numba dis

Sorry, we don’t accept credit cards      – sarry wih nuh tek credit cyard

Sorry, we don’t have any vacancies      – sarry wih nuh hav nuh empty space

Sorry, we don’t have any      – sarry wih nuh hav nun

Sorry, we only accept Cash      – sarry wih ungle tek cash

Start the car      – start di cyar

Stop! – tap!

Take a chance      – tek a chance nuh

Take it outside      – tek it outta door

Take me downtown      – tek mi downtown

Take me to the Marriott Hotel      – tek mi gaw di marriot hotel

Take this medicine      – tek da medicine ya

Tell him that I need to talk to him      – tell him seh mi haffi talk wid him

Tell me      – tell mi

Thank you miss      – tanks miss

Thank you sir      – respek sah

Thank you very much      – respek

Thank you      – respek

Thanks for everything      – respek fi everyting

Thanks for your help      – respek fi yuh help

Thanks      – respek

That car is similar to my car      – da cyar ya stay like fi mi one

That car over there is mine      – dih cyar ova desso a fi mi

That looks great      – ih look good man

That looks old      – ih look ole

That means friend      – dat mean fren

That restaurant is not expensive      – dah restarant deh nuh dear

That smells bad      – dat smell bad

That way      – dah way deh

That’s a good school      – dah a wah good skool

That’s alright      – dat kriss

That’s enough      – dat good

That’s fair      – a suh it guh

That’s fine      – dat arright

That’s her book      – dat a fi har book

That’s it      – a hit dat

That’s not enough      – dat nuh nuff

That’s not fair      – dat nuh good

That’s not right      – dat nuh right

That’s right      – yeah man it right

That’s too bad      – a suh it guh

That’s too expensive      – dat too dear

That’s too late      – dat too late

That’s too many      – a tummuch dat

That’s too much      – a tummuch dat

That’s wrong      – dat wrang

The accident happened at the intersection      – di accident happ’n a di intasection ya

The big one or the small one? – big one ar di likkle one

The book is behind the table      – di book deh bakka di table

The book is in front of the table      – di book deh fronta di table

The book is near the table      – di book de side the table

The book is next to the table      – di book de sida di table

The book is on the table      – di book deh pon di table

The book is on top of the table      – di book deh pon top a di table

The book is under the table      – di book deh anda di table

The books are expensive      – di book dem dear

The car is fixed      – di cyar fix

The cars are American      – di cyar a american cyar

The food was delicious      – di food sweet nuh

The plane departs at 5:30P      – di plane a leff a 5 30p

The roads are slippery      – di road slippry

The TV is broken      – di TV naah wuk / di TV mashup

The whole day      – di whole day

There are many people here      – a whole heap a peeple deh ya

There are some apples in the refrigerator      – suh apple deh inna di fridge

There are some books on the table      – suh book deh pan di table

There has been a car accident      – wah cyar accident jus happ’n

There’s a book under the table      – wah book deh anda di table

There’s a restaurant near here      – wah restarant deh near yasso

There’s a restaurant over there, but I don’t think it’s very good      – wah restarant deh ova desso but mi nuh tink di good nice

There’s plenty of time      – deres whole heep a time

These books are ours      – A Fi wi book dem

They arrived yesterday      – de’eh com yessiday

They charge 26 dollars per day      – de’eh chaage 26 dolla fi wah day

They haven’t met her yet      – de’eh nuh meet har yet

They’ll be right back      – de’eh suu com bak

They’re planning to come next year      – dem a plan fi com nex year

They’re the same      – dem a di same

They’re very busy      – dem supa busy

They’re waiting for us      – dem a wait fi wih

This doesn’t work      – dis nuh work

This house is very big      – de house big

This is Mrs Smith      – Dis a misses smith

This is my mother      – dis a mi madda

This is the first time I’ve been here      – a dih fus time mi com yasso

This is very difficult      – dis supa haaard

This is very important      – dis important

This room is a mess      – dissa room ya shegge shegge

Those men are speaking English      – deh man deh a chat english

Try it on      – put on ih

Try it      – chi it nuh

Try to say it      – chi fi seh it

Turn around      – tun roun

Popular Phrases Translated to Patwa Part 7

Let’s go have a look      – mek wih go look

Let’s go      – come awn nuh

Let’s meet in front of the hotel      – mek wih meet in fronta di hotel

Let’s practice English      – mek wih practice fi chat english

Let’s share      – mek wi share

Male or female? – uhman ar man?

May I speak to Mrs Smith please? – mi cya talk to misses smith?

Maybe      – Maybe

More than 200 miles      – more dan 200 mile

More than that      – More dan dat

My birthday is August 27th      – fi mi birtday a augus 27

My car isn’t working      – mi cyar naah wuk

My car was hit by another car      – wah nedda cyar lik fimmi

My cell phone doesn’t have good reception      – mi phone naah get nuh signal

My cell phone doesn’t work      – mi phone naah wuk

My daughter is here      – mi daughta de ya

My father has been there      – mi fada did deh deh

My father is a lawyer      – mi fada a w’ah lawya

My friend is American      – mi fren a american

My grandmother passed away last year      – mi granmadda ded las year

My house is close to the bank      – mi house deh near di bank

My luggage is missing      – mi cya fine mi luggage

My name is John Smith      – mi name john smith

My son studies computers      – mi son study computa

My son      – mi son

My stomach hurts      – mi belly a hat mi

My throat is sore      – mi chote a bun mih

My watch has been stolen      – summady teaf mi watch

Near the bank      – near di bank

Never mind      – nuh badda

Next time      – nex time

Nice to meet you – nice fi meet yu

No problem      – everyting criss / nuh seh nuttin / irie

No, I’m American      – mi anno american

No, thank you      – no man

No, this is the first time      – no, dis a di fus time

No      – no

Nobody is helping us      – nobody a help wih

Nobody is there right now      – nobody nuh deh deh now

Nonsense      – idiotniss

Not recently      – no sah

Not yet      – not yet

Nothing else      – nuttun else

Now or later? – now or lata

October 22nd      – Octoba 22

Of course      – yeah man

Okay      – arright

On the left      – pon di leff

On the right      – pon di right

On the second floor      – pon di secan floor

One like that      – one like dat

One ticket to New York please      – wah ticket fi new york

One way or round trip? – one way arr roune trip

Open the door      – op’hmm di door

Open the window      – op’hmm di window

Our children are in America      – wih pickney dem inna america

Outside the hotel      – outside di hotel

Over here      – ova yasso

Over there      – ova desso

Pick up your clothes      – pick up yuh close dem

Please call me      – call mi nuh

Please come in      – come in

Please count this for me      – yu cya count dis fimi?

Please fill out this form      – yu can fill out da form ya

Please sit down      – yuh can please siddung

Please speak English      – chat english nuh

Please speak more slowly      – yuh haffi slow dung

Please speak slower      – talk more slow

Please take me to the airport      – yuh cya’ carry mi go a di airport

Please take me to this address      – yuh cya carry mi go yasso

Please take off your shoes      – yuh cya tek aff yuh shoes

Please tell her John called      – yuh cya tell har seh john call

Please tell me      – tell mi nuh

Please wait for me      – yuh cya wait fi mi

Please write it down      – write ih dung please

Please      – please

Really? – fi real?

Right here      – right yasso

Right there      – right desso

See you later      – lata / likkle moe

See you tomorrow      – link up wid yuh tumarrow

See you tonight      – likkle mo tonight

She wants to know when you’re coming      – she w’ah kno wen yu a com

She’s an expert      – she a wah expert

She’s going with me tomorrow      – she a guh wid me tummarow

She’s older than me      – she olla dan mih

She’s pretty      – she pretty

Should I wait? – yuh tink mi fi wait

Some books      – suh book

Someone does that for me      – summady do dat fi mi

Someone is coming      – summady a com

Sometimes I go to sleep at 11PM, sometimes at 11:30PM – sumtime mi guh sleep a 11 a clak, but sumtime mi guh a 11 30

Sorry to bother you      – sarry fi badda yuh

Sorry, I didn’t hear clearly      – sarry mi nuh hear weh u a seh good


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