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Why you should be living in rural jamaica

If you are someone from the city then you probably view people from rural areas as low brow hicks. Personally I do not know where this came from but all I can say that it is not true.  Here I’ll give you why rural Jamaica is a very impressive place to grow up and why if you were growing up in Jamaica you would want to live in the rural areas.

1.)    Nature: this one is pretty simple people from rural areas enjoy the natural beauty of the country. You have rivers, hills, mountains, fruits all you can think of. Being able to enjoy fruits and other foods found in nature is also a big plus of living in a rural area and by finding I mean that you find it in the wild. Have you ever dreamt about just going out with little supplies and simply surviving by eating delicious fruits you can find easily in the wild? Then you definitely would want to take a bigger look at rural Jamaica.

2.)    You turn out more rounded: You would turn out more rounded if you lived in the country. Why? Because simply there are a wider variety of activities available to you and especially if you lived in rural Jamaica. Have you ever wanted to learn to work with your hands and feet while at the same time developing your intellectual mind? Then you would love living in rural areas. If you are person that loves to fish and loves to plant then you probably are already living in the country.  Imagine having acres of land to plant whatever your heart desired. That is what rural Jamaican could mean for you.

3.)    Better Place to raise a child: You may agree or disagree but it is proven time and time again that raising a child in the city poses many risks as the child is continually tempted to do bad things. Many parents would rather not expose their young ones to certain unpleasant details of city life and therefore would definitely love the city. Imagine teaching your children how to survive in nature, how to fish, how to play sports, how to raise animals, all in a care free unpolluted environment.

So if you are wondering where is the best place to live? I would say rural Jamaica. It is where anyone that just wanted to get away and be at one with themselves and nature would want to live and also if you were the type to want a modern yet humble upbringing.

Types of Jamaican Mangoes Part 1

Mangoes are really delicious fruits and if you are Jamaican then you probably know what I mean. If you can think of a fruit as sweet and as abundant and has given you as many adventures as it has a Jamaican person, then you are dreaming. The reason why mangoes are so popular in Jamaica is the simple fact that they are plentiful, delicious, nutritious, and they come in all sorts of colors, sizes, and tastes. Jamaican mangoes are what you need after a long day to relax and unwind. They could help the person who wants to get vitamins and at the same time eat a fruit that tastes great.

The best thing about Jamaican mangoes however is the fact that they are so varied means that there is something for everyone. For example for the person who likes lots of mangoes will appreciate what Jamaicans simple call “common mangoes” or the yellow hairy mangoes commonly found. The best thing about these mangoes is that they are VERY sweet and they are usually in abundance.

The Most common type of jamaican mango

Common mangoes in all their glory

The next type we will be covering in this first part is the “green skin” type of mango. These mangoes are amazing because they are green when ripe and tend to be smaller than the common mangoes.You will love eating the green skin mango because it one of the more rare types of mangoes you’ll find in Jamaica. You will know that these mangoes are ripe because when you feel them they will be soft to the touch.

Green Skin Jamaican Mangoes

The best mangoes you’ll ever find

While i was not able to go into all types of mangoes you’ll find when you visit Jamaica I can tell you that green skin mangoes are some of the best and my favorite mangoes. the reason for this being simply the taste, which is something I cannot describe to you but you will have to experience yourself. Come back again so I can show you more types of Jamaican mangoes you should taste.


Do you like going on the rivers and having a good time? If so then you probably have heard of rafting. In Jamaica people raft but with a fun twist. The rafts are made from bamboo which are cut and dragged painstakingly (trust me its hard work I’ve had to do it) from the woods and into yards where they are cut and put together. It was one of those days for a Jamaican boy when he is coming from school but doesn’t feel like going home that craig had and in going into the woods there was an adventure in the making.
It was one of those days after primary school when craig and his cousin Shane were in truant mode. They didn’t feel like going directly home and decided that they would explore. So they set off exploring the hills of Jamaica and what they found on the rivers could not have been better. They had discovered a bamboo raft completely functional and abandoned.
With this the boys decided they must have the raft and so they took it and hid it in the bushes. The next day they returned not knowing if the raft had was still there. Luckily it was there and they decided that they must take it out for a test and this proved to be a costly mistake. There was a small fall in the river and as the boys rafted down the stream they went over the waterfall unknowingly and plunged deep into the water.
The boys realizing what had just happened decided that the best course of action would be to recover the raft. In doing so Shane had cut himself. Shane tried to keep up with Craig but soon found that his wound was too much. The boys decided to go home without the raft after this and in doing so go angry responses from their parents in jamaican patwa. Their lesson? Never truant.

Don’t fish if you aren’t a good swimmer

They say fishing is what of the more calming things to do. Where a man can just go out and be one with nature, be at peace with himself and have a good time. Fishing is the ultimate stress relief… or so they say. Fishing in Jamaica is different because it is not as sophisticated as fishing in America but in general people tend to have more fun doing it.
Craig and his cousin shane used to always go fishing by the river. On this day he decided to go with j.j and shane. The first thing that they had to do which is important was to dig up worms. This was an endeavor in itself because it required going through deep shrubbery and then digging up dirt where there were wasp’s nests and many other dangers, to get worms. Getting worms would not have been difficult if jj hadn’t disturbed the wasps and sent them coming towards craig and shane.
It was about 3 stings later that craig was running around trying to get rid of the wasps. Eventually they reached the river where they could finally relax and catch some fix. Because of the way Jamaican people fished, it was a bit difficult as they used a line and hook instead of a fishing rod. The line and hook was much simpler to create and gave them much more control over the fishing. Having a line and hook instead of a fishing rod is like having a manual transmission. It gives more control.
They decided to cross the river and this would prove to be problematic, because jj was not a good swimmer. Craig and shane made it across fine but as jj ran bravely into the water, he started to drown. He yelled “help me” and craig saw himself quickly jumping in to save jj. This ordeal would teach the boys that you must be a good swimmer when fishing. Especially in Jamaican waters.

Kingston and Traveling Jamaica tips

If you lived in the town then you know just taking a trip into the city can be a very dangerous yet exciting affair. This particular time we decided we would take a long 3 hour drive from the hills of ST Elizabeth to the city of Kingston.
So they set off early in the morning about 5am with Craig and his family hiring a taxing going from the country to the great city of Kingston. Though known for its high crime rate and poor living conditions Kingston can be a very vibrant and beautiful place to visit and that is why the family decided to go. Also Craig’s father had his sister there and he could visit her.
Now Jamaica is a land of contrast and anyone who has not taken a trip like this across Jamaica needs to immediately. Craig had never seen such wonderful scenery. The first part of the trip involved going through Santa Cruz which was an amazing site with stalls selling groceries, many fruit stands. After that there is spur tree hill which is a road that literally wraps around a mountain until you are at the top. Imagine going up a mountain and then looking back on the city from where you came. This is what Craig saw and he enjoyed every bit of it. He had read in the Jamaican gleaner once before that talked about spur tree hill and how it was built.
After that they had to go through Clarendon as after spur tree hill in Manchester they found nothing else that they enjoyed there. Clarendon however was a different story it had many hills and gullies and driving looking at the city below was amazing. After Clarendon they came to Spanish Town St Catherine. This is one of the more amazing cities in Jamaica due to its sentimental value that comes from how old it is. it was an old Spanish colonial town which was taken over upon the capture of Jamaica by the British. Because of this it has many old buildings and a Spanish look and feel to it that has British and African details added.
Now they reached Kingston and went up to the hills of Kingston where the view was amazing. Now tips for Kingston to enjoy it to the max are
Never go to places known to be dangerous as it could mean your life.
Stay in tourist areas
Do not give money to strangers or buy things from people you don’t find trustable.
Here is a photo of the kingston hills view


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