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Popular Phrases Translated to Patwa Part 3

He has a nice car      – ihh ha wah nice cyar

He likes it very much      – ihh like ih nuff

He likes juice but he doesn’t like milk – ihh like juce but ihh nuh like milk

He needs some new clothes      – ihh need suh new close

He never gives me anything      – ihh nuh gimmi nuttin

He said this is a nice place      – ihh seh dis a wah nice place

He said you like to watch movies      – ihh seh yuh like fi watch movie

He studies at Boston University      – ihh study a boston university

He thinks we don’t want to go      – ihh think weh nuh wah go

He works at a computer company in New York      – ihh wuk a waah computa place inna new york

He’ll be back in 20 minutes      – ihm a com back inna 20 minute

Hello      –  wah gwaan

Help!  – help

Here is your salad      – sih yu salad yah

Here it is      –  seeit ya

Here you are      – see yu deh

Here’s my number      –  sih mi numba yah

Here’s your order      –  sih yu ada ya

He’s a very good student      – ihm a wah gud student

He’s an American      – ihhm a wah american

He’s an Engineer      – ihm a wah engineer

He’s coming soon      – ihm a com soon

He’s faster than me      – ihm fassa dan mih

He’s in the kitchen      – ihm inna di kitchen

He’s never been to America      – ihh neva go a america yet

He’s not in right now      -ihh nuh deh ya now

He’s right      – ihmm right

He’s very annoying      – ihh annoying nuh

He’s very famous      – ihh famous

He’s very hard working      – ihh wuk haard

Hi, is Mrs  Smith there, please?  – wah gyan, mrs smith deh yah?

His family is coming tomorrow      –  ihh family a com tummarow

His room is very small      –  ihh room likkle

His son      –  ihh son

How about Saturday?  – wah bout satday?

How are you paying? – how yu a pay?

How are you?  – weh u a deal wid?

How are your parents? – how u parents dem a do?

How do I get there? – how yuh ago go deh?

How do I get to Daniel Street? – how mi fi reach daniel street?

How do I get to the American Embassy?  – how fi get a di american embassy?

How do I use this? – how mi fi use dis?

How do you know? – how u kno?

How do you pronounce that? – how u seh dat?

How do you say it in English? – how u seh dat inna english?

How do you spell it? – how u spell dat?

How do you spell the word Seattle? – how u spell di word seattle?

How does it taste? – how ih taste?

How far is it to Chicago? – how far chicago deh?

How far is it? – how far it deh?

How is she? – how she bih?

How long are you going to stay in California? – how lang u a stay inna california?

How long are you going to stay? – how lang u ago stay?

How long does it take by car? – how lang it tek by cyar?

How long does it take to get to Georgia? – how lang it tek fi go a georgia?

How long have you been here? – how lang u deh ya?

How long have you been in America? – how lang u deh a america?

How long have you lived here? – how lang u live yah?

How long have you worked here? – how lang u wuk yasso?

How long is it? – how lang ih bih?

How long is the flight? – how lang yuh flight bih?

How long will it take? – how lang it ago tek?

How long will you be staying? – how lang u a stay?

How many children do you have? – humuch pickney yu hav?

How many hours a week do you work? – humuch owas yuh wuk inna wah week?

How many languages do you speak? – humuch langwidge yu talk?

How many miles is it to Pennsylvania? – humuch miles fi go a pennsylvania?

How many people are there in New York? – humuch people deh inna new york?

How many people do you have in your family? – humuch people inna yuh family?

How many people? – humuch peeple?

How many? – humuch?

How much altogether? – humuch togeda?

How much are these earrings? – humuch fi dem earrings yah?

How much do I owe you? – humuch mi owe yuh?

How much does it cost per day?  – humuch fi it fi wah day?

How much does this cost? – humuch feeit?

How much is it to go to Miami? – humuch fi go a miami?

How much is it? – humuch fi it?

How much is that? – humuch fi dat?

How much is this? – humuch fi dis?

How much money do you have? – humuch money yuh hav?

How much money do you make? – humuch money u mek?

How much will it cost? – humuch it ago cast?

How much would you like? – humuch u like?

How old are you? – how ole u bih?

How tall are you? – how tall u bih?

How was the movie? – how di movie did go?

How was the trip? – how di trip did go?

How’s business? – how di bizness?

How’s the weather? – how di wedda?

How’s work going? – how wuk a guh?

Hurry! – mekyasee!

I agree      – fi real

I ate already      – mi nyam yessiday

I believe you      – mi believe yuh

I bought a shirt yesterday      – mi buy wah shirt yessiday

Popular Phrases Translated to Patwa Part 1

I’m starting a new series to teach you jamaican patwa, jamaican slang or however you want to call it. There are about 900 popular english phrases and i’ve gone ahead and translated them to Jamaican Patwa. Stay tuned for more and be sure to share and comment if you liked this post or found it useful.


A few      – Wah likkle bit

A little      – Wah likkle

A long time ago      –         Wah Lang time

A one way ticket      – Wah one way tiket

A round trip ticket      –    Wah Roun Chip

About 300 kilometers      –             Bout tree hunred kilometa

Across from the post office      – crass fram di pos affice

Am I pronouncing it correctly?   Mi she it right?

Amy is John’s girlfriend      –          amy a jahn uhman

And you?             –                              awhh yu?

Anything else?  –                              anyting else?

Are there any concerts?               –             nuh cancert deh bout?

Are they coming this evening?   – y’ah com dis weeken?

Are they the same?        – dem a di same?

Are you afraid?    – yu fraid?

Are you allergic to anything?       – weh u allergic to?

Are you American?         – y’ah yankie?

Are you busy?     – yu busy?

Are you comfortable?    – yu comfatable?

Are you coming this evening?  –  Y’ah com dis evenin?

Are you free tonight?  –  Yu free t’inight?

Are you going to attend their wedding? – y’ah gaw dem wedding?

Are you going to help her?    –      Y’ah go help ar?

Are you going to take a plane or train?   Y’ah go tek di plane ar di chain?

Are you here alone?       – y’ah go deh by uself?

Are you hungry? –  yu hungry?

Are you married?  –  yu marrid?

Are you okay?   – yu alright?

Are you ready?   –  yu ready?

Are you sick?   – yu sick?

Are you sure?   – yu sure?

Are you waiting for someone?   –  yu a wait fi summady?

Are you working today?     –   yu wuk tiday?

Are you working Tomorrow?  – yu a wuk tomarrow?

Are your children with you?  – yu pickney dem deh wid u?

As soon as possible      – soon as passible

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon      – ah tree a clack inna di aftanoon

At 3 o’clock      – ah tree a clack.

At 5th street      – ah fif street.

At 7 o’clock at night      –  ah seven a clack a night

At 7 o’clock in the morning      – ah seven a clack inna di mawning

At what time did it happen?   – ah wah time ih happen?

At what time?   – ah wah time?

Be careful driving      –  careful wen u jive

Be quiet      –  tappi nize

Behind the bank      –   bakka di bank

Bring me my shirt please      –   gimme yu shirt

Business is good      –   bizniz good

Call me      –  link mi nuh

Call the police      –   call babylon

Can I access the Internet here?    – mi cya’ get intanet yasso?

Can I borrow some money?   – mi cya’ barrow soo money?

Can I bring my friend?   – mi cya’ bring mi brejin?

Can I have a glass of water please?   – mi cya’ hav a glass a wata?

Can I have a receipt please?     –  gimme di receipt nuh?

Can I have the bill please?   – gimme di bill nuh?

Can I help you?  – mi cya’ help yuh?

Can I make an appointment for next Wednesday?  – mi cya’ mek wah appointment if nex wensday?

Can I see your passport please?   – mek mi sih yu passport

Can I take a message?    – mek mi tek wah message

Can I try it on?    – mek mi chi it on

Can I use your phone?   – mek mi use yuh phone

Can it be cheaper?  – mek ih bi cheapa?

Can we have a menu please      –  mek wih sih di menu nuh?

Can we have some more bread please? –    mek wih get more bread nuh?

Can we sit over there?    – mek wih siddun ova yasso?

Can you call back later?   – yuh cya’ back lata

Can you carry this for me?  – carry dis fimi nuh?

Can you do me a favor?  – do sumting fimi nuh?

Can you fix this?  – yu cya’ fix dis?

Can you give me an example?  – yu gimme wa’ example?

Can you help me? –  yu cya’ help me?

Can you hold this for me?  – yu cya’ hole dis fimmi?

Can you please say that again?  – yu cya’ seh dat again?

Can you recommend a good restaurant?  – yu cya’ tell me wah good restarant?

Can you repeat that please?  – seh data again nuh?

Can you show me? – yu cya’ show me?

Can you speak louder please?  – talk louda nuh?

Can you swim?   – yu cya’ swim?

Can you throw that away for me?  – dash dis weh fimmi nuh?

Can you translate this for me?  – translate dis fimmi?

Certainly! – yeah mon

Cheers!  – respek

Chicago is very different from Boston      –  chicago different frah bastin

Come here      –  come ya

Did you come with your family?  – yu come wid yuh family?

Did you get my email?  – yu get mi email?

Did you send me flowers? – yu sen mi flowas?

Did you take your medicine? – yu tek yuh medicine?

Do you believe that?   – yu believe dat?

Do you feel better?  – yu feel betta?

How to learn Jamaican Patwa

IF you want to know how to learn Jamaican patwa you’ve come to the right place. The langauge is not that widely spoken so there are not many resources out there compared to other languages but here is a set of beginning jamaican patois language learning videos.

This is the 2nd Video for you to learn jamaican patwa

This is the 2nd Video in the How to speak jamaican patwa series

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JAmaican Patois Lessons and this is the 6th video. Hopefully it does a lot for you.

The 7th Video in the series for you if you want to learn how to speak jamaican patwa well. HEre is something for you.

The final Video int he series for nwo with patwa lesson 8 hope you like it.

If you liked these videos and would like to learn more jamaican patois then The Jamaican Patois course is now open for you to get. It has more content than these videos and will have you speaking patois like you were a native jamaican.

Jamaican Patwa / Jamaican Patois Lesson 8

So here you have the video lesson for Jamaican Patois / Jamaican Patwa lesson 8. I hope you enjoy it! Leave your Comment or Requests in the comments box or on the video on youtube.

Jamaican Patwa / Jamaican Patois Lesson 7

So here you have the video lesson for Jamaican Patois / Jamaican Patwa lesson 7. I hope you enjoy it! Leave your Comment or Requests in the comments box or on the video on youtube


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