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The Two dominant Jamaican accents

I’m a proud country man and it’s because of that, when the debates come up about who sounds better in Jamaica in terms of their accent or slang I say the country man has a finer tuned accent that showcases what the real Jamaica sounds like. However if you are visiting you should know that Jamaican patwa is like any other dialect or language or slang whatever it is referred to as.

There are fundamental differences in the different parts of Jamaica with city life being very different from rural life and because of this there are more varied mannerisms and different scenery. This creates two distinct types of Jamaican accents as you’ll be surprised to know. You may be asking, how can such a small country have different accents, but it’s true.  Any Jamaican knows you can tell another Jamaican’s city of origin based on how they sound. People from the country well tend to do more “low brow” things and that is the main way for you to find out whether the Jamaican person if from the city or the country.

This is an example of a country accent!

Jamaican Patwa 1.1

The first jamaican patwa lesson is up on youtube. Here it is.

Any comments and suggestions would be gladly appreciated. Also if you have not noticed, I try to make these videos as close to the rosetta stone model as possible so expect much more.


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