Do you want to know the coolest Language that you’ve probably never heard of? Would you care to guess? Well if you don’t have an answer you’re in luck! I’m here to tell you a story about a language that opens up an entirely new world to you. A language that will allow you to enjoy new music, appreciate the subtleties of a totally new and exciting culture and at the same time be able to enjoy something wonderful.

That language I’m talking about of course is Jamaican Patois. Did you guess it? Well it’s the language spoken by about 3 million people around the world, yet it has a big impact in culture in a lot of places. The fastest man in the world speaks Jamaican Patois or Jamaican Patwa. Bob Marley spoke patwa too! The best thing though is that now you can follow in the footsteps of these two great men and learn patwa today! Why would you learn Jamaican Patois? Well that brings me to my next point.

You can learn to speak Jamaican Patois. You could learn the language of the Jamaican people. You could be like the Jamaican people you see always smiling, always dancing and singing. If you like bob marley music, you can finally understand what he’s saying in most of his songs. You’ll finally be able to put more meaning into the beautiful words of his songs. You’ll finally open up even more reggae music. Did you know there are many singers who are considered better singers than bob marley? You bit there are and if you learn Jamaican Patois you’ll be able to understand them too and you’ll open up an entire new world to yourself.

How do you learn this language? Well until now to learn Jamaican patwa you had to pay thousands of dollars to go on an expensive trip to Jamaica. Even though this trip would probably be one of the best you’ve ever had. It was quite expensive if all you wanted to do was learn Jamaican patois. So Natty Dred decided that he should solve this problem and he created Natty Dreds Jamaican Patois Course. It’s the perfect course to help you learn and understand Jamaican patois. You’ll come out of the experience with the ability to impress your friends with a new and exciting Jamaican accent. You’ll also learn the amazing subtleties of the language. Be able to finally sing along to your favorite Jamaican Songs. Discover new details of Jamaican culture like never seen before and most importantly you’ll enrich your soul.

So Natty Dred Has decided that people should at least see a little guide to warm them up before they go for his patois course. Because of this he’s  you can go and sign up at his side To get a mini course in Jamaican patois along with a small phrase guide to help you with translating the most basic of phrases.