6 Reggae Singers You Can Understand

If you are into Reggae Music like many people around the world, one of your biggest complaints is that you simply CANNOT understand most of what the singers are saying. So I’ve decided to show you 6 Reggae singers that you’ll love to listen to, but you can actually understand them! Let’s get started.


He goes by the name Sizzla Kalonji and is quite a devout Rasta. His real name is Miguel Collins, and he was born in Kingston. This man is one of the most adored Jamaican Rastafarian performers. He makes a lot of beautiful melodies and sings about a variety of social and economic issues. He’s a joy to behold. This is a sample of one of his more popular tracks. Let me know in the comments what you think!

Sean Paul

Most People would know Sean Paul. He’s one of the most popular Jamaicans in the world and also one of our best performers. He does a lot of collaborations with foreign Artists, so his songs are usually in Jamaican English, and also, you will find that you’ll love the one where he sings and dances. Give him a try!

Damian Marley

This is the man! “JR” Gong. He was the man who was supposed to take over the reins from his father as the Reggae superstar. Damian Marley has a few good tracks that are sung in Understandable Jamaican Patois. One of my favorite tracks from him is Welcome to Jamrock, which when it was released, was quite popular in the world. You will not be disappointed when you listen to this wonderful musician!


Sue Dem! Capleton is probably one of the most famous Rastafarians in Jamaica. He’s dramatically known as the “Fireman” because his concerts usually have a lot of effects involving fire. He’s one of the old-style reggae singers who have not yet moved to the more “youth-friendly” Dancehall Music. Capleton is not well known to most people who would listen to reggae music outside of Jamaica. You should check out his Video below, and if you like him, find more of his music online.

Bob Marley

This is the man. Tuff Gong Robert Nesta Bob Marley. He’s one of a kind. A legend in the Reggae music space. He continues to live on today through his songs and is one of the most magical people to have walked on this earth. He has many classics, and if you’re here you probably know Bob Marley quite well. I cannot recommend him and his music enough and if you find something you like, You should post a comment about it!

Jah Cure

Last but certainly not least is Jah Cure. Another one of the proud Rasta Reggae singers. He’s a different voice with his music. There is not much to say about Jah Cure because he managers to make reggae music sound more modern without losing its appeal. I’ll let his music do the talking for him. Let me know what you think.

There you have it. 6 Jamaican performers and a few songs you’ll be able to understand. Be sure to like, this post and drop a comment to let me know what you think about these performers.