There are many things you could potentially do while you’re in Jamaica. I’ve come up with just 7 pieces of Jamaican culture that I think you’d like when you go there.

Traditional Jamaican Food

 Ackee & Salt Fish

recipes-ackeesaltfish_is This is the national dish of Jamaica. It is made by cooking the fruit from an Ackee Tree. You first boil the Ackee in hot water to make it soft, then you fry it with Salt Fish (Salted Cod). Of course, the cod is soaked in warm water to remove the salt. This is a delicious meal that can be had with cooked green bananas or dumplings for breakfast, or even eaten with rice or fried dumplings. It is something that you must taste if you visit Jamaica.

Bun & cheese

easter bun sandwich closeup


Spiced Bun with Cheese. Known affectionately as “Bun n Cheese,” This delicious snack is usually had during the easter holidays, and simply consists of a soft and juicy spiced bun with New Zealand or Jamaican cheese. Even if you visit Jamaica at a time other than Easter, you should consider getting this to eat!

Rice & Peas



This is probably the most popular side dish to have for Jamaicans; rice with Kidney Beans,  also known to Jamaicans as Rice n Peas. This delicious meal is made from rice with coconut milk and red kidney beans. You’ll love it on Sunday with delicious fried chicken.



Bammy is one of those old-school Jamaican meals. It is made from Cassava that has been pounded into a powder in a traditional mortar and pestle. It’s something that you should try while you’re there. You will love it. Jamaicans especially like to eat their toasted Bammy with fried fish!

Beef Patty


This is one of the most popular Jamaican dishes.  Beef Patty is quite popular in Jamaica as lunch and is usually had with orange Juice. People also eat Jamaican Beef Patties as street food during events. You can even put it between Jamaican Coco Bread like a sandwich. This is one of the most delicious things you’ll ever taste.

Jerk Chicken


When people think of Jamaica, they see Bob Marley, Reggae music, and JERK CHICKEN. This is one of the most tasty ways you can cook chicken. It is basically grilled chicken over a nice homemade grill with the perfect blend of herbs and spices to make your taste buds go WOW!




Being in Jamaica, You’ll hear a lot of new wonderful Reggae Music that you’ve never heard before. As you know, this is the most popular export of Jamaica. Bob Marley may be the most popular Jamaican Reggae musician, but there are many more Jamaicans singing in the native Patwa, and even the more understandable “Jamaican English”. When you’re here you must prepare for the amazing new artists that you’ll listen to.




If you like dancing, then this is the kind of music for you. This music is like reggae but fast-paced and made for dancing. It is the modern version of Bob Marley’s type of singing. You will enjoy Dancehall if you like partying and having fun till the sun comes up.

Jamaican Patwa

This is the most common language you’ll hear when you are in Jamaica. It is spoken by the locals, and it’s a combination of many African languages, Native Indian languages, and even English languages. If you’re going to Jamaica then you should probably look at the section where we show you Jamaican patois to English translations.


 7 Mile Beach


7 Mile Beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Jamaica. I don’t think I need to say any more about the place I’m talking about. The picture speaks for itself, right? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Ocho Rios


The next place to check out is Ocho Rios. This place is just as beautiful. It has many attractions, including the famed Dunns River Falls. The natural beauty is sure to stun anyone, and once you are there, you will see what I mean.



Kingston is the capital and one of the most beautiful places to see, but it is one of the lesser-known places by tourists. When you go there you’ll feel like you’ve found a hidden gem most other people don’t know about.

Montego Bay


Montego Bay is the 2nd city with the 2nd major airport in Jamaica (After the airport in Kingston). This is the place to go if you want to enjoy beaches and nature, but at the same time, you want to shop in style. Montego Bay will be a place you never forget because of the beautiful landscapes and beaches.

Places to See

 Bob Marley



This is the statue of Bob Marley located in Kingston. While there are many of them to be seen all over Jamaica, it may be worth your while to go there and visit the museum and see it all in person.


Lovers Leap



Lovers Leap is one of St Elizabeth’s most prized attractions. Just look at the view; I would sit here and tell you the back story of why this place is called Lovers Leap, but I will show you why here.


The people are warm and friendly and ever so nice. You will never have a problem getting around because asking someone for directions will always yield a warm smile, and they will be happy to help. You will find people selling things, people swimming, dancing, singing. You will get to meet a lot of interesting people, and I’m sure you’ll like it. Jamaicans are quite curious people, so you should expect lots of questions about where you are from and what life is like there. Some people might find that tiresome, but it is just a part of the experience when you interact with people in a foreign country.


Montego Bay



My personal favorite is Montego Bay. It is just a beautiful sight to be seen when you go there. Just look at that picture. Wow, amazing isn’t it?

Blue Mountains



The last is the Blue Mountains, where the famed Blue Mountain coffee comes from. There is not much to be said about it. It is the highest point in Jamaica and can be a worthy challenge if you are looking to put yourself to the test while in Jamaica.

These are just a few things and a few words about them. I would appreciate a comment on what you thought, or if you went to Jamaica, what experience was your favorite.