If you want to know how to learn Jamaican Patwa, you’ve come to the right place. The Jamaican Language is not that widely spoken, so there are not many resources out there compared to other languages, but here is a set of beginning Jamaican Patois¬†language learning videos.

This is the 1st Video for you to learn Jamaican Patwa. This video goes beyond the basics to teach you simple phrases that will be useful when traveling in Jamaica.

This is the 2nd Video in the How to Speak Jamaican Patwa series. It is a better version of the first video because it focuses on a streamlined and logical approach to learning Patois.

If you want to learn more patois, then this is also for you. Here is the 3rd video, which will teach you about basic actions you can describe when speaking to Jamaicans in Jamaica.

Here is the 4th video. Now you can learn how to speak Jamaican Patwa consistently, leading to much better learning outcomes.

This is the 5th video to learn how to speak Jamaican patwa. Hope you enjoy it!

Jamaican Patois Lessons and this is the 6th video. Hopefully, it does a lot for you.

The 7th Video in the series is for you if you want to learn how to speak Jamaican patwa well. Here is something for you.

The final Video in the Jamaican Patois series for now. Here is lesson 8, and hope you like it.

If you liked these videos and would like to learn more about Jamaican patois, then the Jamaican Patois course is now open for you to get. It has more content than these videos and will have you speaking patois like you were a native Jamaican.