How to talk in Patwa

Jamaican Patwa is an interesting language because it happens to not be a language at all. There are not many guides that teach you how to talk Patwa, which is why this website exists. Here, we will talk about what you can do to learn patwa for free, and it will be a good experience for you. To learn Jamaican patwa you need to have an understanding of where it comes from and what influences it. It is important to remember that Jamaican Patwa isn’t considered a separate standardized language like Spanish or French. Despite being difficult to understand for foreigners, Jamaicans are still considered native English speakers, which we are.

Learn to speak Jamaican Patwa

With that in mind, here is how you will learn patwa. You should go to the website and watch a few of the beginning videos on Patwa. These videos are very informative and will teach you basic words that will help you speak the language.  Before you start to Learn Patwa, you must have someone you can practice with because if you learn patwa without speaking it with someone else, it becomes relatively useless to you unless you are learning to know what your favorite reggae singer is saying.

Here are some quick words for how to talk in Patwa.

Wah Gwan – What’s going on

Weh u deh – Where are you?

Wha’a apm – What happened?

Weh u name – What is your name?

This was just a simple example of how to talk patwa. If you would like to learn more about patwa then  please get the Patwa Course on how to talk patwa