Popular Phrases Translated to Patwa Part 10

Jamaican Patwa Translations

When do we arrive? – Wen wih ago reach?

When do we leave? – wen wih ago leff?

When do you arrive in the USA? – wen yuh com a dih usa?

When do you get off work? – wen yuh ago leff wuk?

When do you start work? – wen yuh ago staat wuk?

When does he arrive? – wen ihm ago reach?

When does it arrive? – wen it ago reach?

When does the bank open? – wen di bank ago op’en

When does the bus leave? – wen di buss aggo leff?

When does the plane arrive? – wen di plane aggo reach?

When I went to the store, they didn’t have any apples      – wen mi gaaw di store dem neva hav nuh apple

When is the next bus to Philadelphia? – wen addi nex buss fi go a philidalphia

When is your birthday? – wen ayu birtday

When was the last time you talked to your mother? – wen addi las time yuh talk wid yu madda?

When will he be back? – wen him aggo com bak?

When will it be ready? – wen itta go bih ready?

When would you like to meet? – wen yuh wa’h fi meet up?

Where are the t-shirts? – weh dih t-shirt dem deh?

Where are you from? – weh yuh come fram?

Where are you going to go? – weh yuh ago go?

Where are you going? – weh yuh a go?

Where are you? – weh yuh deh?

Where can I buy tickets? – weh mi can buy tiket?

Where can I exchange US dollars? – which paat mi can get us dolla?

Where can I find a hospital? – wich paat mi cyaan fine di haspital?

Where can I mail this? – weh mi cyaa mail dis?

Where can I rent a car? – weh mi cya rent waah cyar?

Where did it happen? – which paat ih happ’en?

Where did you go? – weh yuh did go?

Where did you learn English? – which paat yuh learn english?

Where did you learn it? – wich paat yuh learn dat?

Where did you put it? – weh yuh put ih?

Where did you work before you worked here? – weh yuh wuk before yuh wuk yasso?

Where do you live? – weh yuh did live?

Where do you want to go? – weh yuh wa’an fi go?

Where do you work? – weh yuh wuk?

Where does it hurt? – which paat a hat yuh?

Where does your wife work? – weh yuh wife wuk?

Where is an ATM? – wich paat wa’ah atm deh?

Where is he from? – weh him com fram

Where is he? – weh him deh?

Where is it? – weh it deh?

Where is Main Street? – which paat main street deh?

Where is my shirt? – weh mi shirt deh?

Where is she from? – weh she com fram?

Where is the airport? – weh dih airport deh?

Where is the bathroom? – which paat di baatroom deh?

Where is the bus station? – weh di buss station deh?

Where is there a doctor who speaks English? – which paat waa’h dacta deh weh talk english

Where is there an ATM? – weh waah atm deh?

Where were you? – weh yuh deh?

Where would you like to go? – weh yuh waa’n go?

Where would you like to meet? – weh yuh waa’n fi meet up?

Where’s the closest restaurant? – weh di neares restarant deh?

Where’s the mail box? – weh di mail bax deh?

Where’s the nearest hospital? – weh di nearess haspital deh?

Where’s the pharmacy? – weh di farmacy deh?

Where’s the post office? – deh pos affice deh?

Which is better, the spaghetti or chicken salad? – which one betta, chicken salad arr spaghetti?

Which is better? – which betta?

Which is the best? – wich one a di bess?

Which one do you want? – wich one yuh want?

Which one is better? – wich one betta?

Which one is cheaper? – wich one cheepa?

Which one is the best? – wich one a di bess?

Which one? – wich one?

Which road should I take? – wich road mi fi tek?

Which school does he go to? – wich skool him go?

Who are they? – who dem bih?

Who are you looking for? – who yuh a look fa?

Who are you? – a whoo yuh bih?

Who is it? – a whoo dis?

Who is that? – a whoo dat?

Who sent this letter? – whoo sen disya letta?

Who taught you that? – a who teeh yuh dat?

Who taught you? – a who teech yuh

Who was that? – a who dat?

Who was your teacher? – who yuh teecha did bih?

Who won? – a whoo win?

Who would you like to speak to? – a who yuh wa’n fi talk to?

Who’s calling? – a who a call?

Who’s that man over there? – a who dah man deh ova desso?

Whose book is that? – a whoofa book dat bih?

Why are you laughing? – wamek yuh a laugh?

Why aren’t you going? – wamek yuh naah go?

Why did you do that? – wamek yuh do dat?

Why did you say that? – wamek yuh seh dat?

Why not? – wamek?

Will you call me a taxi please? – yuh cya call waa taxi fi mi?

Will you hand me a towel please? – yuh cya gimme di towel?

Will you pass me the salt please? – yuh cya gimme di salt?

Will you put this in the car for me? – yuh cya put dis inna di cyar fi mi?

Will you remind me? – yuh wih remine mi?

Will you take me home? – yuh cya tek mi home?

Would you ask him to call me back please? – yuh cya ask him fi call mi bak?

Would you ask him to come here? – yuh cya ask him fi com yah?

Would you like a glass of water? – yuh want a glass a wata?

Would you like coffee or tea? – yuh want kaffi ar tea?

Would you like some water? – yuh waa’ suh wata?

Would you like some wine? – yuh waa’ sum wine?

Would you like something to drink? – yuh waa’ sumting fi jink?

Would you like something to eat? – yuh waa’ sumting fi it?

Would you like to buy this? – yuh waa’ fi buy dis?

Would you like to go for a walk? – yuh waa’ fi guh pon a walk?

Would you like to have dinner with me? – yuh waa’ fi it dinna wid mih?

Would you like to rent a movie? – yuh waa’ fi rent waa’ movie?

Would you like to watch TV? – yuh waa’ fi wach tv?

Would you like water or milk? – yuh waa’ wata ar milk?

Would you take a message please? – yuh waa’ tek waah message?

Yes      – yeh

You have a very nice car      – yuh av waa’ nice cyar

You look like my sister      – yuh look like mi sista

You look tired      – yuh look tiyad

You speak English very well      – yuh chat english good

Your children are very well behaved      – yuh pickney dem behave good

Your daughter      – yuh daughta

Your house is very nice      – yuh house nice

Your things are all here      – evyting deh ya

You’re beautiful      – yuh look good

You’re right      – yuh right

You’re smarter than him      – yuh smaata dan him

You’re very nice      – yuh nice

You’re very smart      – yuh supa smaat

You’re welcome      – nuh watch nuh face

This ends our Jamaican Patwa lessons. Hopefully, you found the phrases you wanted translated. Check out the other content on this page if you need more help.