Popular Phrases Translated to Patwa Part 9

Jamaican Patwa Translations

Turn left      – tun leff

Turn right      – tun right

Very good, thanks      – good, respek

Waitress! – waytriss

We can eat Italian or Chinese food      – wih can nyam italian ar chiny food

We have two boys and one girl      – wih hav two byo an wah gyal

We like it very much      – wih like ih

We’ll have two glasses of water please      – wih cya hav two glass a wata

We’re from California      – wih com fram california

We’re late      – wih late

Were there any problems? – yu hav num problem?

Were you at the library last night? – yuh did deh a libry laas night?

What are you doing? – weh yuh a do?

What are you going to do tonight? – weh yuh ago do tinight?

What are you going to have? – weh yuh ago hav?

What are you thinking about? – weh yuh a tink bout?

What are you two talking about? – weh unnu a talk bout?

What are your hobbies? – weh yuh like fi do?

What can I do for you? – wah mi cyan do fi yuh

What color is that car? – wah cola dah cyar deh bih?

What day are they coming over? – wah dyah yuh a com ova?

What day of the week is it? – wah dya inna di week tiday bih?

What did you do last night? – weh yuh do lass night?

What did you do yesterday? – weh yuh do yessiday?

What did you think? – weh yuh tink?

What do people usually do in the summer in Los Angeles? – weh peeple do inna dih summa inna los angeles?

What do they study? – a wah dem study?

What do you do for work? – a wah yuh do fi wuk?

What do you have? – a wah yuh hav?

What do you recommend? – a wah yuh recommen?

What do you study? – a wah yuh study

What do you think of these shoes? – wah yuh tink bout dem shoes yah?

What do you think? – a wah yuh tink?

What do you want to buy? – a wah yuh want fi buy?

What do you want to do? – a wah yuh wa’ do?

What do your parents do for work? – a wah yuh parent dem do fi wuk?

What does he do for work? – a wah him do fi wuk?

What does this mean? – a wah dis mean?

What does this say? – a wah dis seh?

What does this word mean? – a wah da word ya mean?

What does your father do for work? – a wah yuh fada do fi wuk?

What happened? – a wha happ’n

What is it? – wah dis bih?

What is that? – a wah dat bih?

What is the area code? – wah di area code bih?

What is today’s date? – a wah tiday date bih?

What kind of music do you like? – wah kine a music yuh like?

What school did you go to? – a which skool yuh guh?

What should I wear? – a wah mi fi wear?

What size? – wha size?

What time are they arriving? – a wah time dem a com?

What time are you going to the bus station? – a wah time yuh a go a di bus station?

What time did you get up? – a wha time yuh git up?

What time did you go to sleep? – a wha time yuh sleep?

What time did you wake up? – a wha time yuh wake up?

What time do you go to work everyday? – a wha time yuh go a wuk everyday?

What time do you think you’ll arrive? – a what time yuh tink yuh ago reach?

What time does it start? – a wha time ih staat

What time does the movie start? – a wha time di movie staat?

What time does the store open? – a wha time di store up’en

What time is check out? – a wha time a check out

What time is it? – a wha time ih bih

What will the weather be like tomorrow? – a wah di wedda ago bih tumarow

What would you like to drink? – a wah yuh waa’ fi jink

What would you like to eat? – a wah yuh waa’ fi it

What’s in it? – wah inna it?

What’s the address? – wah di address?

What’s the charge per night? (Hotel) – hummuch fi it per night?

What’s the date? – a wah di date bih?

What’s the exchange rate for dollars? – wah di exchange rate bih?

What’s the exchange rate? – wah di exchange rate bih

What’s the matter? – weh u deh pon?

What’s the name of the company you work for? – a weh di name addi compiny yuh wuk fa?

What’s the phone number? – wah di phone numba?

What’s the room rate? – hummuch fi di room?

What’s the temperature? – a wah di tempicha bih?

What’s this? – a wah dis bih?

What’s today’s date? – a wah tidday date bih?

What’s up? – a wah yuh deh pan? / Waah gwaan?

What’s wrong? – yuh kriss?

What’s your address? – weh yuh live?

What’s your email address? – a wah yuh email bih?

What’s your favorite food? – a wah yuh like fi it?

What’s your favorite movie? – a wah kina move yuh like?

What’s your last name? – a wah yuh lass name bih?

What’s your name? – a wah yuh name?

What’s your religion? – a wah yuh religion?

When are they coming? – wen dem a com?

When are you coming back? – wen yuh a com bak?

When are you going to pick up your friend? – wen yuh a go pick up yuh fren?

When are you leaving? – wen yuh a leff?

When are you moving? – wen yuh a move?

When did this happen? – a wen dis happ’en

When did you arrive in Boston? – wen yuh reach boston?

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