Do you go to Florida often?     – y’u gah a flarida affen?

Do you have a boyfriend?   – yu hav a man?

Do you have a girlfriend? – yu hav a uhman?

Do you have a pencil? – y’av wah pencil?

Do you have a problem?  y’av a problem?

Do you have a swimming pool?  – y’ah wah swimmin pool?

Do you have an appointment?  – y’ah av wah appintment?

Do you have another one? – y’ah av wah nex wan?

Do you have any children?  -y’ah av nuh pickney?

Do you have any coffee? – y’ah av nuh kaffi

Do you have any money? – y’ah av nuh money?

Do you have any vacancies? – y’ah av nummo room?

Do you have anything cheaper? – y’ah av nuttin weh cheapa?

Do you have enough money? – y’ah av money?

Do you have the number for a taxi? – yu hav di numba fi wah taxi?

Do you have this in size 11? – Yu hav dis inna size 11

Do you hear that? – yu heer dat?

Do you know her? – yu kno har?

Do you know how much it costs? – yu kno a hummuch fi it?

Do you know how to cook? – yu kno how fi cook?

Do you know how to get to the Marriott Hotel? – Yu kno how fi go a di marriot hotel?

Do you know what this means? – yu kno wa dis mean?

Do you know what this says? – yu kno wha dis seh?

Do you know where I can get a taxi? – yu kno weh mi cyan get wah taxi?

Do you know where my glasses are? – yu kno weh mi glass dem deh?

Do you know where she is? – yu kno weh she deh?

Do you know where there’s a store that sells towels? – yu kno wich paat mi cyan fine wah store weh sell towel?

Do you like it here? – yu like ih yasso?

Do you like the book? – yu like di book?

Do you like to watch TV? – yu like fi watch tv?

Do you like your boss? – yu like yuh boss?

Do you like your co-workers? – yu like di peeple weh u work wid?

Do you need anything else? – yu need sup’hm more?

Do you need anything? – yu need nuttin’?

Do you play any sports? – yu like sports?

Do you play basketball? – yu play basketball?

Do you sell batteries? – yu sell battry?

Do you sell medicine? – yu sell medicine?

Do you smoke? – yu smoke?

Do you speak English? – yu speak english?

Do you study English? – yu a learn english?

Do you take credit cards? – yu tek credit cyad?

Do you think it’ll rain today? – yu tink rain ago fall tiday?

Do you think it’s going to rain tomorrow? – yu tink rain ago fall tumarrow?

Do you think it’s possible? – yu tink seh ih passible?

Do you think you’ll be back by 11:30? – yu tink u aggo deh back ah 11 30?

Do you understand? – yu andastan?

Do you want me to come and pick you up? – yu wah mi fi com pick u up?

Do you want to come with me? – yu wah com wid mih?

Do you want to go to the movies? – yu wah fi go a di movies?

Do you want to go with me? – yu wah fi go wid mih?

Does anyone here speak English? – nobody yaso nuh speak english?

Does he like the school? – ih like school?


Don’t do that      – nuh do dat

Don’t worry      – nuh worry

Every week      – evry week?

Everyday I get up at 6AM      – mi git up a 6am everyday

Everyone knows it      – everybady kno dis

Everything is ready      – whole a wih ready

Excellent      – yah mon

Excuse me, what did you say? – sarry, weh u a seh?

Excuse me      – sarry

Follow me      – com wid mih

For how many nights? – fi humuch night?

Forget it      –  no seh nuttin

From here to there      – fram yasso to desso

From time to time      – fra time to time

Give me a call      – link up wid me

Give me the pen      – gimmi di pen

Go straight ahead      – gwaan straight

Good afternoon      –  wah gwan

Good evening sir      – evening

Good Luck      – jeh bless

Good morning      – mawning

Great      – wicked

Happy Birthday      – happy birtday

Has your brother been to California? – yuh bredda eva go a california?

Have a good trip      – yu hav wah good trip?

Have they met her yet? – yuh meet har yet?

Have you arrived? – yuh deh ya arready?

Have you been to Boston? – yu eva gwa boston?

Have you been waiting long? – yu a wait long?

Have you done this before? – yuh eva do disya before?

Have you eaten at that restaurant? – yuh eva eat a wah restaraunt?

Have you eaten yet? – yu eet yet?

Have you ever had Potato soup? – yu hav potato soup?

Have you finished studying? – yu dun study?

Have you seen this movie? – yuh sih di whole move?

He always does that for me      – ihhe always do dat fimi

He broke the window      – ihhe bruk di window

He doesn’t look like a nurse      – ihh nuh like di nurse

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