Popular Phrases Translated to Patwa Part 3

Jamaican Translations

He has a nice car      – ihh ha wah nice cyar

He likes it very much      – ihh like ih nuff

He likes juice but he doesn’t like milk – ihh like juce but ihh nuh like milk

He needs some new clothes      – ihh need suh new close

He never gives me anything      – ihh nuh gimmi nuttin

He said this is a nice place      – ihh seh dis a wah nice place

He said you like to watch movies      – ihh seh yuh like fi watch movie

He studies at Boston University      – ihh study a boston university

He thinks we don’t want to go      – ihh think weh nuh wah go

He works at a computer company in New York      – ihh wuk a waah computa place inna new york

He’ll be back in 20 minutes      – ihm a com back inna 20 minute

Hello      –  wah gwaan

Help!  – help

Here is your salad      – sih yu salad yah

Here it is      –  seeit ya

Here you are      – see yu deh

Here’s my number      –  sih mi numba yah

Here’s your order      –  sih yu ada ya

He’s a very good student      – ihm a wah gud student

He’s an American      – ihhm a wah american

He’s an Engineer      – ihm a wah engineer

He’s coming soon      – ihm a com soon

He’s faster than me      – ihm fassa dan mih

He’s in the kitchen      – ihm inna di kitchen

He’s never been to America      – ihh neva go a america yet

He’s not in right now      -ihh nuh deh ya now

He’s right      – ihmm right

He’s very annoying      – ihh annoying nuh

He’s very famous      – ihh famous

He’s very hard working      – ihh wuk haard

Hi, is Mrs  Smith there, please?  – wah gyan, mrs smith deh yah?

His family is coming tomorrow      –  ihh family a com tummarow

His room is very small      –  ihh room likkle

His son      –  ihh son

How about Saturday?  – wah bout satday?

How are you paying? – how yu a pay?

How are you?  – weh u a deal wid?

How are your parents? – how u parents dem a do?

How do I get there? – how yuh ago go deh?

How do I get to Daniel Street? – how mi fi reach daniel street?

How do I get to the American Embassy?  – how fi get a di american embassy?

How do I use this? – how mi fi use dis?

How do you know? – how u kno?

How do you pronounce that? – how u seh dat?

How do you say it in English? – how u seh dat inna english?

How do you spell it? – how u spell dat?

How do you spell the word Seattle? – how u spell di word seattle?

How does it taste? – how ih taste?

How far is it to Chicago? – how far chicago deh?

How far is it? – how far it deh?

How is she? – how she bih?

How long are you going to stay in California? – how lang u a stay inna california?

How long are you going to stay? – how lang u ago stay?

How long does it take by car? – how lang it tek by cyar?

How long does it take to get to Georgia? – how lang it tek fi go a georgia?

How long have you been here? – how lang u deh ya?

How long have you been in America? – how lang u deh a america?

How long have you lived here? – how lang u live yah?

How long have you worked here? – how lang u wuk yasso?

How long is it? – how lang ih bih?

How long is the flight? – how lang yuh flight bih?

How long will it take? – how lang it ago tek?

How long will you be staying? – how lang u a stay?

How many children do you have? – humuch pickney yu hav?

How many hours a week do you work? – humuch owas yuh wuk inna wah week?

How many languages do you speak? – humuch langwidge yu talk?

How many miles is it to Pennsylvania? – humuch miles fi go a pennsylvania?

How many people are there in New York? – humuch people deh inna new york?

How many people do you have in your family? – humuch people inna yuh family?

How many people? – humuch peeple?

How many? – humuch?

How much altogether? – humuch togeda?

How much are these earrings? – humuch fi dem earrings yah?

How much do I owe you? – humuch mi owe yuh?

How much does it cost per day?  – humuch fi it fi wah day?

How much does this cost? – humuch feeit?

How much is it to go to Miami? – humuch fi go a miami?

How much is it? – humuch fi it?

How much is that? – humuch fi dat?

How much is this? – humuch fi dis?

How much money do you have? – humuch money yuh hav?

How much money do you make? – humuch money u mek?

How much will it cost? – humuch it ago cast?

How much would you like? – humuch u like?

How old are you? – how ole u bih?

How tall are you? – how tall u bih?

How was the movie? – how di movie did go?

How was the trip? – how di trip did go?

How’s business? – how di bizness?

How’s the weather? – how di wedda?

How’s work going? – how wuk a guh?

Hurry! – mekyasee!

I agree      – fi real

I ate already      – mi nyam yessiday

I believe you      – mi believe yuh

I bought a shirt yesterday      – mi buy wah shirt yessiday

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