You’re here because you’ve heard Jamaican Patwa either through friends, through Jamaican music, or through traveling to Jamaica and interacting with the locals… AND you liked how it sounds. So I’ve decided to create this guide of some common English phrases translated to Jamaican patwa so you can learn a little piece of the language.
English – Jamaican Patwa
1. Hello – Waah Gwaan
2. What are you doing? – Weh u deh pan?
3. What is that? – Wah dat be?
4. Don’t worry – Nuh worry
5. What do you want to eat? – Weh u waa’n nyam?
6. You want it? – Yu waannt ih?
7. No, I do not want it – no sah mi no want ih
8. I do not understand what you are saying – mi nuh andastan weh u a seh
9. Did you eat yet? – yu nyam sumting areddy?


10. No I have not eaten – no mi nuh eet areddy
11. Where are you? – weh u deh?
12. I am sick – mi sik
13. I want to go to the beach – mi waannt fi go a beach
14. I want something to eat – mi waannt summhh fi it
15. Do you like it? – yu like ih?
16. Where is it? – weh ih deh?
17. Let me find it for you – mek mi fine ih fi yuh
18. Show me where this is located – mek me I know weh dis deh
19. What do you want to buy? – Weh u waan’ fi buy?
20. Can I have some water? – Mi caa’n get sum wata please?
21. Where is the bus stop? – weh di bus tap deh?
22. Do you know her? – yuh kno har?
23. Who sings this song? – a who sing da sang ya?
24. Where is the field? – wich paaat feel deh?
25. Where is the bookstore? – wich paaat di bookstore deh?
26. What are we having for breakfast? – wah wi a eet fi brekfass?
27. Where is the party? – wich paaat di paaty deh?
28. I cannot find it – mi caan’ fine ih
29. I cannot do it – mi caan’ dweet

30. Do you like to dance? – yuh like fi dance?
31. I want to go swimming – mi waaan’ fi go swim
32. How much for that? – humuch fi dat?
33. I do not have any money – mi nuh hav nuh money
34. What do you think? – weh u tink?
35. I’m joking with you – mi a ramp wid yuh
36. Where is the beach? – weh di beach deh?
37. Do you have a boyfriend? – yuh hav a man?
38. Do you have a girlfriend? – yuh hav a uhman?
39. What is your phone number? – wah u numba be?
40. I need to find a hotel – mi need fi fine wah hotel
41. Where is the restaurant – weh di restarant deh?
42. Where is the airport – weh di airport deh?
43. Can I use your phone – mi caan’ use yuh phone?
44. I need new clothes – mi need new clothes
45. Where is the nearest hotel? – weh di nearest hotel deh?
46. I cannot understand you – mi caan’ undastan yuh
47. I need your help – mi need yuh fi help mi
48. What did you say? – weh u she?
49. When are you going? – wen y’aago go?
50. Goodbye – lata / likkle moe


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