Popular Phrases Translated to Patwa Part 7

Jamaican Patwa Translations

Let’s go have a look      – mek wih go look

Let’s go      – come awn nuh

Let’s meet in front of the hotel      – mek wih meet in fronta di hotel

Let’s practice English      – mek wih practice fi chat english

Let’s share      – mek wi share

Male or female? – uhman ar man?

May I speak to Mrs Smith please? – mi cya talk to misses smith?

Maybe      – Maybe

More than 200 miles      – more dan 200 mile

More than that      – More dan dat

My birthday is August 27th      – fi mi birtday a augus 27

My car isn’t working      – mi cyar naah wuk

My car was hit by another car      – wah nedda cyar lik fimmi

My cell phone doesn’t have good reception      – mi phone naah get nuh signal

My cell phone doesn’t work      – mi phone naah wuk

My daughter is here      – mi daughta de ya

My father has been there      – mi fada did deh deh

My father is a lawyer      – mi fada a w’ah lawya

My friend is American      – mi fren a american

My grandmother passed away last year      – mi granmadda ded las year

My house is close to the bank      – mi house deh near di bank

My luggage is missing      – mi cya fine mi luggage

My name is John Smith      – mi name john smith

My son studies computers      – mi son study computa

My son      – mi son

My stomach hurts      – mi belly a hat mi

My throat is sore      – mi chote a bun mih

My watch has been stolen      – summady teaf mi watch

Near the bank      – near di bank

Never mind      – nuh badda

Next time      – nex time

Nice to meet you – nice fi meet yu

No problem      – everyting criss / nuh seh nuttin / irie

No, I’m American      – mi anno american

No, thank you      – no man

No, this is the first time      – no, dis a di fus time

No      – no

Nobody is helping us      – nobody a help wih

Nobody is there right now      – nobody nuh deh deh now

Nonsense      – idiotniss

Not recently      – no sah

Not yet      – not yet

Nothing else      – nuttun else

Now or later? – now or lata

October 22nd      – Octoba 22

Of course      – yeah man

Okay      – arright

On the left      – pon di leff

On the right      – pon di right

On the second floor      – pon di secan floor

One like that      – one like dat

One ticket to New York please      – wah ticket fi new york

One way or round trip? – one way arr roune trip

Open the door      – op’hmm di door

Open the window      – op’hmm di window

Our children are in America      – wih pickney dem inna america

Outside the hotel      – outside di hotel

Over here      – ova yasso

Over there      – ova desso

Pick up your clothes      – pick up yuh close dem

Please call me      – call mi nuh

Please come in      – come in

Please count this for me      – yu cya count dis fimi?

Please fill out this form      – yu can fill out da form ya

Please sit down      – yuh can please siddung

Please speak English      – chat english nuh

Please speak more slowly      – yuh haffi slow dung

Please speak slower      – talk more slow

Please take me to the airport      – yuh cya’ carry mi go a di airport

Please take me to this address      – yuh cya carry mi go yasso

Please take off your shoes      – yuh cya tek aff yuh shoes

Please tell her John called      – yuh cya tell har seh john call

Please tell me      – tell mi nuh

Please wait for me      – yuh cya wait fi mi

Please write it down      – write ih dung please

Please      – please

Really? – fi real?

Right here      – right yasso

Right there      – right desso

See you later      – lata / likkle moe

See you tomorrow      – link up wid yuh tumarrow

See you tonight      – likkle mo tonight

She wants to know when you’re coming      – she w’ah kno wen yu a com

She’s an expert      – she a wah expert

She’s going with me tomorrow      – she a guh wid me tummarow

She’s older than me      – she olla dan mih

She’s pretty      – she pretty

Should I wait? – yuh tink mi fi wait

Some books      – suh book

Someone does that for me      – summady do dat fi mi

Someone is coming      – summady a com

Sometimes I go to sleep at 11PM, sometimes at 11:30PM – sumtime mi guh sleep a 11 a clak, but sumtime mi guh a 11 30

Sorry to bother you      – sarry fi badda yuh

Sorry, I didn’t hear clearly      – sarry mi nuh hear weh u a seh good

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