I’m very well, thank you      – mi a do alright… respek

I’m waiting for you      – mi a wait fi yuh

I’m worried too      – mi a worry to

In 30 minutes      – inna tirty minute

Is anyone else coming? – summady else a come?

Is everything ok? – everyting arright?

Is it close? – ih deh far?

Is it cold outside? – outta door cold?

Is it far from here? – ih deh far fram yasso?

Is it hot? – ih hot?

Is it nearby? – ih deh near?

Is it possible? – yu tink ih passible?

Is it raining? – rain a fall?

Is it ready? – ih ready?

Is it suppose to rain tomorrow? – rain ago fall tummarow?

Is John here? – john deh ya?

Is John there please? – suh john deh ya?

Is Mr Smith an American? – missa smith cum fram di us?

Is that enough? – dat enough?

Is that ok? – dat arright?

Is the bank far? – di bank deh far?

Is there a movie theater nearby? – di movie theata deh near?

Is there a nightclub in town? – nuh nightclub deh ya?

Is there a restaurant in the hotel? – nuh restarant deh inna di hotel?

Is there a store near here? – wa’h store deh near yasso?

Is there air conditioning in the room? – di house hav ac?

Is there an English speaking guide? – summady deh ya weh chat english?

Is there any mail for me? – nuh mail com fi mi?

Is there anything cheaper? – yu hav sumting weh cheapa?

Is this a safe area? – suh yasso safe fimi?

Is this Mr Smith? – a missa smith dis?

Is this pen yours? – da pen ya a fi yu?

Is this the bus to New York? – a di bus fi new york dis?

Is this your book? – a fi yu book dis?

Is your father home? – yu fada deh home?

Is your house like this one? – fi yu house stay like dis?

Is your husband also from Boston? – yu husban com fram boston?

Is your son here? – yu son deh ya?

Isn’t it? – nuh true?

It costs 20 dollars per hour   – it ago bih twenty dolla an hour

It depends on the weather      – depen pan di wedda

It hurts here      – yasso a hat mih

It rained very hard today      – yessiday rain did fall haad

It takes 2 hours by car      – i ago tek 2 hour by cyar

It will arrive shortly      – mi suh reach deh

It’ll be cold this evening      – it aggo cole inna di evening

It’s 11:30pm      – a 11 30pm

It’s 17 dollars      – a 17 dolla fi it

It’s 6AM      – a 6 inna di morning

It’s 8:45      – a 8 45

It’s a quarter to 7      – a quata to 7

It’s August 25th      – a augus twenty five

It’s delicious! – ih tais good man

It’s far from here      – ih deh far fram yasso

It’s going to be hot today      – tiday it ago bih hat

It’s going to snow today      – tiday it ago snow

It’s half past 11      – ah leven tirty right ya now

It’s here      – ih deh ya

It’s is a quarter past nine      – a quata pass nine

It’s less than 5 dollars      – ih likkle bit less dan 5 dolla

It’s longer than 2 miles      – ih longa dan 2 miles

It’s mine      – a fi mih

It’s more than 5 dollars      – ih more dan 5 dolla

It’s near the Supermarket      – ih deh near di supamarket

It’s north of here      – ih likkle north fraah yasso

it’s not suppose to rain today      – ih nuh suppose fi rain tiday

It’s not too far      – ih nuh deh too far

It’s not very expensive      – ih nuh suh expensive

It’s ok      – it arright

It’s on 7th street      – ih deh pan 7th street

It’s over there      – ih deh ova desso

It’s raining      – rain a fall

It’s really hot      – ih hat

It’s shorter than 3 miles      – ih shaata dan 3 mile

It’s suppose to rain tomorrow      – rain suppose fi fall tomarow

It’s there      – ih deh ya

It’s too late      – ih too late

It’s very cold today      – ih cole tiday

It’s very important      – ih important

It’s very windy      – breeze a blow haad

I’ve already seen it      – mi already see it

I’ve been here for two days      – mi deh fi two day already

I’ve been there      – mi did deh deh

I’ve heard Texas is a beautiful place      – mi hear seh texas look nice

I’ve never done that      – mi neva do dat

I’ve never seen that before      – mi neva sih dat yet

I’ve seen it      – mi si it

I’ve worked there for five years      – mi wuk deh fi 5 year

John is going on vacation tomorrow      – john a go pan him vacation tumarow

June 3rd      – June 3

Just a little      – Jus a likkle bit

Just a moment      – Wait deh

Let me check      – mek mi look

Let me think about it      – Mek mi tink bout it