Sorry, I don’t have a pencil      – Sarry mi have w’ah pencil

Sorry, I think I have the wrong number      – sarry, mi tink a dih rang numba dis

Sorry, we don’t accept credit cards      – sarry wih nuh tek credit cyard

Sorry, we don’t have any vacancies      – sarry wih nuh hav nuh empty space

Sorry, we don’t have any      – sarry wih nuh hav nun

Sorry, we only accept Cash      – sarry wih ungle tek cash

Start the car      – start di cyar

Stop! – tap!

Take a chance      – tek a chance nuh

Take it outside      – tek it outta door

Take me downtown      – tek mi downtown

Take me to the Marriott Hotel      – tek mi gaw di marriot hotel

Take this medicine      – tek da medicine ya

Tell him that I need to talk to him      – tell him seh mi haffi talk wid him

Tell me      – tell mi

Thank you miss      – tanks miss

Thank you sir      – respek sah

Thank you very much      – respek

Thank you      – respek

Thanks for everything      – respek fi everyting

Thanks for your help      – respek fi yuh help

Thanks      – respek

That car is similar to my car      – da cyar ya stay like fi mi one

That car over there is mine      – dih cyar ova desso a fi mi

That looks great      – ih look good man

That looks old      – ih look ole

That means friend      – dat mean fren

That restaurant is not expensive      – dah restarant deh nuh dear

That smells bad      – dat smell bad

That way      – dah way deh

That’s a good school      – dah a wah good skool

That’s alright      – dat kriss

That’s enough      – dat good

That’s fair      – a suh it guh

That’s fine      – dat arright

That’s her book      – dat a fi har book

That’s it      – a hit dat

That’s not enough      – dat nuh nuff

That’s not fair      – dat nuh good

That’s not right      – dat nuh right

That’s right      – yeah man it right

That’s too bad      – a suh it guh

That’s too expensive      – dat too dear

That’s too late      – dat too late

That’s too many      – a tummuch dat

That’s too much      – a tummuch dat

That’s wrong      – dat wrang

The accident happened at the intersection      – di accident happ’n a di intasection ya

The big one or the small one? – big one ar di likkle one

The book is behind the table      – di book deh bakka di table

The book is in front of the table      – di book deh fronta di table

The book is near the table      – di book de side the table

The book is next to the table      – di book de sida di table

The book is on the table      – di book deh pon di table

The book is on top of the table      – di book deh pon top a di table

The book is under the table      – di book deh anda di table

The books are expensive      – di book dem dear

The car is fixed      – di cyar fix

The cars are American      – di cyar a american cyar

The food was delicious      – di food sweet nuh

The plane departs at 5:30P      – di plane a leff a 5 30p

The roads are slippery      – di road slippry

The TV is broken      – di TV naah wuk / di TV mashup

The whole day      – di whole day

There are many people here      – a whole heap a peeple deh ya

There are some apples in the refrigerator      – suh apple deh inna di fridge

There are some books on the table      – suh book deh pan di table

There has been a car accident      – wah cyar accident jus happ’n

There’s a book under the table      – wah book deh anda di table

There’s a restaurant near here      – wah restarant deh near yasso

There’s a restaurant over there, but I don’t think it’s very good      – wah restarant deh ova desso but mi nuh tink di good nice

There’s plenty of time      – deres whole heep a time

These books are ours      – A Fi wi book dem

They arrived yesterday      – de’eh com yessiday

They charge 26 dollars per day      – de’eh chaage 26 dolla fi wah day

They haven’t met her yet      – de’eh nuh meet har yet

They’ll be right back      – de’eh suu com bak

They’re planning to come next year      – dem a plan fi com nex year

They’re the same      – dem a di same

They’re very busy      – dem supa busy

They’re waiting for us      – dem a wait fi wih

This doesn’t work      – dis nuh work

This house is very big      – de house big

This is Mrs Smith      – Dis a misses smith

This is my mother      – dis a mi madda

This is the first time I’ve been here      – a dih fus time mi com yasso

This is very difficult      – dis supa haaard

This is very important      – dis important

This room is a mess      – dissa room ya shegge shegge

Those men are speaking English      – deh man deh a chat english

Try it on      – put on ih

Try it      – chi it nuh

Try to say it      – chi fi seh it

Turn around      – tun roun