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Types of Jamaican Mangoes Part 1

Mangoes are really delicious fruits and if you are Jamaican then you probably know what I mean. If you can think of a fruit as sweet and as abundant and has given you as many adventures as it has a Jamaican person, then you are dreaming. The reason why mangoes are so popular in Jamaica is the simple fact that they are plentiful, delicious, nutritious, and they come in all sorts of colors, sizes, and tastes. Jamaican mangoes are what you need after a long day to relax and unwind. They could help the person who wants to get vitamins and at the same time eat a fruit that tastes great.

The best thing about Jamaican mangoes however is the fact that they are so varied means that there is something for everyone. For example for the person who likes lots of mangoes will appreciate what Jamaicans simple call “common mangoes” or the yellow hairy mangoes commonly found. The best thing about these mangoes is that they are VERY sweet and they are usually in abundance.

The Most common type of jamaican mango

Common mangoes in all their glory

The next type we will be covering in this first part is the “green skin” type of mango. These mangoes are amazing because they are green when ripe and tend to be smaller than the common mangoes.You will love eating the green skin mango because it one of the more rare types of mangoes you’ll find in Jamaica. You will know that these mangoes are ripe because when you feel them they will be soft to the touch.

Green Skin Jamaican Mangoes

The best mangoes you’ll ever find

While i was not able to go into all types of mangoes you’ll find when you visit Jamaica I can tell you that green skin mangoes are some of the best and my favorite mangoes. the reason for this being simply the taste, which is something I cannot describe to you but you will have to experience yourself. Come back again so I can show you more types of Jamaican mangoes you should taste.

The Hunt for Jamaican Mangoes


If you know any Jamaican person you will know that one thing that most Jamaicans, like to eat mangoes. There is just something about this sweet, meaty, fleshy fruit that we cannot resist. Well there is a place in Jamaica known as “Bagdill” in the great parish of Saint Elizabeth. This parish is home of the best Jamaican food. In this story I will talk about some experiences going into the forests to pick mangoes and how fun and dangerous it can be. To protect the people from my childhood I will use fake names to represent them.


Have you ever been on a journey where it started out badly and ended badly? Where you felt like nothing could be worse than what it was now, but things DID get worse? Well welcome to the life of “Craig” and “Puddy”, one a big fat guy who could do an entire complex trigonometry equation in his head, but could barely climb a tree. And puddy who was his neighbor and got his name from the incredible big head. This head had once been stuck between two metal bars and his mother had to pry the bars open to remove his head.

Now they decided to go to bagdill, which would have been a good idea except for the fact that it had rained. Since bagdill is the name given by the locals to basically a path into the hills with lots and lots of mango trees, lots of dangerous caves and lots of dangerous animals it would be foolish to go when it rained. This is made worse by the fact that a part of the journey involves going up a clay hill. For you that don’t know when there is a hard clay path and it rains then the path becomes VERY slippery.

The trip was very standard however BUT when they were coming back that’s when it happened. Puddy suddenly slipped he came tumbling down, his bucket filled with mango’s rolling behind him, his clothes covered in mud, his friend craig coming down slowly tried not to follow in his footsteps, but he slid down and landed flat on his face. He got up and realized that his entire bucket of mangoes had been spilt. And he started shouting in jamaican patwa in dismay.

This was a very hurtful experience but you never lose the lesson and the lesson was. Do not go up a clay path when it rains.

Any questions and comments and suggestions and critiques would be appreciated.

Thank You for reading.


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