Well Jamaican food is well known throught the world and it is because of this that you should taste some of this great Caribbean cooking at least once in a lifetime. The food is truly one of a kind and really amazing every time you taste it. Whether it is dinner consisting of rice and peas, or curry goat, or ackee and salt fish. You’re guaranteed to enjoy these meals.

The first big meal I’ll talk about is curry goat which is a Jamaican fan favorite because of the curry and it is something that you must absolutely try some time. The curry goat is made from you guessed it GOAT haha I know it may not sound delicious but it’s just something about that good ole Caribbean cooking that can have the most disgusting sounding food taste REALLY great!

The next best thing to curry goat is definitely the jerk chicken. This is a worldwide fan favorite and its definitely one of my favorites too. When it is seasoned correctly and jerked right, the chicken can be some of the tastiest chicken you’ve ever tasted. Top tip: get a rasta to jerk the chicken for you because for some reason they do it much much better.

The other big food that you’ll love to eat that comes from the small island is definitely Oxe Tails. This is the meat from the tail of a cow. (sounds terrible doesn’t it) It is cooked with butter beans(usually) and also a nice stew. These are just a few meals that are amazingly delicious when it comes to Jamaica and I’ll have pictures of them soon.