In every country, there is usually an associated stereotype when it comes to the rural versus urban divide. Rural people are often seen as backward and uneducated, leading to people in the city looking down on them. However, it usually turns out that people in rural areas are much more practical and independent.

They can do the tasks that people from the city would think are impossible. People in rural areas also have a much simpler and more fulfilling life. They are able to truly connect with what matters most. When it comes to Jamaica, there are many reasons why rural life can be a paradise. It offers a much better experience than living in a Jamaican city, which is why we think this is a place to be if you are looking to move to Jamaica.

Reason 1 – Nature in Rural Jamaica

Rural Jamaica can be a beautiful place
Jamaican nature is some of the most beautiful in the world. The majority of the country is mountainous, making it a place filled with rolling cliffs and rivers. The name Jamaica means land of wood and water. That natural beauty is filled with a variety of fruits you have probably never even heard of before. If you love mangoes, you will love living in rural Jamaica because there are many varieties of mangoes wherever you go. 

It is also really easy to grow other tropical fruits yourself because the soil is so fertile. That soil fertility is a major benefit if you are looking to go off the grid. The weather in Jamaica makes it possible to grow almost anything your heart desires. On top of that, the fact that it is sunny year-round means you can graze cattle on grass without ever needing to do the complex management in a place where it snows, and hay is needed. On top of that, Jamaica has so many untapped natural beauties that you will have many places you only see in travel brochures to yourself.

Reason 2 – Learning Useful Skills

Living in a rural area makes it critical to be good with your hands. The next reason to move to rural Jamaica is that you will learn useful skills. Whether it is farming or fixing stuff yourself, you will learn useful skills that will prove valuable in the future. With artificial intelligence becoming such a huge part of modern society, the future will belong to those who are able to actually do stuff with their hands and feet. Most of the jobs being phased out by AI will be knowledge worker jobs. 

If your job can be done by looking up information on the Internet, you will have a hard time finding a place in the future. Living in the rural Jamaican landscape will force you to learn practical skills that will be useful in many other areas of life. On top of that, these practical skills will save you thousands of dollars in the long term. It is also an exciting way to bond with your family because you will be able to teach them these practical skills as well. Speaking of family, the third and final benefit of living in rural Jamaica is about that.

Reason 3 – Better Place to Have a Family

Another great thing about growing up in rural Jamaica is that it is an excellent place to raise your family. The great thing is that your kids will live in a peaceful and safe environment while also learning useful skills they can use for a lifetime. Kids in rural Jamaica typically run around exploring nature without any problems. The child-rearing environment is quite hands-off, making kids more independent and well-balanced. 

In today’s hostile environment, it is also an excellent way for kids to grow up with your guidance. You can raise kids your way, making the process much easier. The cost of living in rural Jamaica also makes it a great place because you won’t be worrying about money all the time. It is a more comfortable and fulfilling existence that is closer to the earth.

If you ask where it’s best to live, rural Jamaica is definitely near the top. It is a place with so much variety that you can go wrong. If you are thinking about living in Jamaica, check out our Jamaican Patwa lessons to understand how people communicate. It is also going to help you understand Jamaican culture much better.