We all love authentic Jamaican food. You know the type of Jamaican food that is cooked by a mother painstakingly over the stove for hours on end. The type of food that you play some good reggae music to while you get ready for it and then dance around as it is served. This is the type of food we are talking about. On this occasion we decided to make Jamaican drops, as the snack which is essentially sugared coconut.
Now on this day craig sat at home tired and hungry from dragging bamboo all day from the hills to make lobster traps his dad used. So the procedure for drops was easy but only craig could turn it into a hard thing. In his love of science one thing he loved was fire and anyone who has played around with banana trees and fire knows that when the branch from a banana tree is dry and gets lit on fire. It really burns quickly.
The ingredients for drops are simple being just sugar, coconut and ginger. Being this simple meant that anyone who can put a pot on the fire can make drops. Craig decided to do it outside on a wooden fire as this would cook it faster and also it would not waste any electricity.

For the person who doesn’t know how to make drops here is a quick recipe that is not the best but is very simple.
You need
A dry coconut diced into pieces square pieces preferably
Sugar(it is something you just know)
Simple put the coconut in with the sugar and ginger which has been blended. Let the sugar melt onto the drops stir regularly until it becomes a thick liquid paste which then you simple take out and put to dry where it will cool and harden together. Not the best tutorial but its simple recipe