Why Learn Patwa

Why should you learn Jamaican Patwa ?



So you want to learn Jamaican patwa? Jamaican patwa is the “language” spoken by the people of the small island of Jamaica and it’s a very cool thing to be able to speak. From being able to successfully get girls who are from Jamaica who are thrilled whenever they hear a foreign man speak Jamaican patwa or to simply being able to get deals for yourselves in the shops there and most importantly you’ll be able to interact with the Jamaicans and it will be even more fun for you to visit!


Jamaican Patwa makes you more “exotic”

If you’re not visiting Jamaica then imagine being one of the few people in this world whom have the knowledge of speaking Jamaican patwa and so you become much more valued to the people around you ;). This is simply how things work, if you live in a place where there is less of someone from another culture, when someone from another culture comes there you’ll be more fascinated with them, and this is how it will be for you with the people around you. So if you learn Jamaican patwa you’ll be an ultra-exotic person no matter where you go in this world!


You can listen to more Jamaican Music

The next thing that sets Jamaican patwa apart from most other “niche” languages, is that it there is a vast container of culture that can only be opened when you can speak the language. Examples include most reggae music which is next to impossible for the foreigners to understand and when you speak Jamaican patwa you’ll be in league of your own! And this just starts there because you’ll be able to listen to people like sean paul, vybz kartel, bounty killer, popcaan and you’ll be able to understand their every word and punch lines.

Its a new language and new culture for you to learn!

So as you can see Jamaican patwa is very good to know for someone who does not already know how to speak it and thankfully for you, you came across this site because I’ll be personally providing you with amazing Jamaican patwa lessons that you can use to wow and amaze people all day everyday and be able to take your”yardiness” to a whole new level. You’ll be able to make people jealous of you because of your patwa accent.
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